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Finest Search Engine Friendly Content Writing Service within Your Budget With Megamind Article Service

We offer you a complete content writing service for your web pages or profiles on social networks. If you also grant us access to your web pages or your profiles we can introduce optimized SEO.

Megamind’s vision

One of the most effective actions currently is to generate regular and quality content.

The contents of web pages, blogs and social networks are one of the premises to generate attraction, improve SEO web positioning and attract new customers.

Users are used to browsing, comparing, reading and learning before acquiring products or services. Therefore, the contents have to be attractive and of quality; unique (nothing to copy-paste).

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Be creative with the contents of our website

With an original content writing we mean that you do not publish the same thing that your competitors publish. Investigate and investigate until you find an original idea and make your blog or website unique.

Even if you spend more time looking for an original idea for your content writing, the user will be grateful. And is that the information you are providing is novel and of great interest.

 Be clear about which audience you want to address

Before developing content writing, we must be very clear about which audience we want to address. A young or adolescent audience is not the same as a more mature or adult audience. The way of expressing oneself is different and, therefore, the writing of the contents will also be different.

CREDIBILITY Ambiguous text, for example, generates distrust; outdated or poorly focused information is associated with reluctance; and the inappropriate use of the language is a sign of poor training.

SAVINGS Reducing advertising costs by adding keyword density, the “cost per click” (or CPC) of advertising is significantly reduced.

BRANDING The incorrect generation and planning of content, in any format whatsoever, can have negative effects on the brand and all its products or services (A poorly written message generates rejection).

SEO From different genres of writing, all the contents created by the professional team of AB Project will allow you to obtain an increase in the organic positioning of your website in search engines.

IMPROVEMENT IN SALES A message elaborated in an accurate way, with details that improve the perception of the brand or product, generates confidence, increases interest, and improves the conversion ratio online.

Content with the specific or technical language is required by the brand or products. This good practice increases confidence in your brand and reduces advertising costs (cpc). We follow that earnestly.

Comprehensive management of their communities

SEO: “word density optimization” – Use of the most effective words for the market sector in which the company operates. Improve the organic positioning of your site

Generate interaction with your fans

Planned writing in different genres (notes, interviews, pollinates, newsletters, newsletters or press releases) to increase the levels of interest and demand.

Measure the results

The updating and adaptation of contents to increase the brand’s “engagement”, translates into visitors with a genuine interest in their product. Approach those people who can buy your products. We keep these in mind as we write.


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